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Savage Seas Cast & Crew 

The Savage Seas Adventures crew are a passionate group of highly skilled fisho's, divers and Hunters keen to share their experiences with the outdoor-loving community regardless of their skill level. personable and engaging, the team, led by Charlie Micallef offer ideas, tips and tricks that are practical and easy to implement.Lovers of the environment, the team have strong ethical values and promote conservation and respect for the natural world.

From 11-Year-old Daniel Lavarevski to...well...more senior members of the crew, Savage Seas Adventures offers a diverse and engaging perspective and a realistic approach to fishing, boating and hunting. Shae Holmes and Jo Howes infuse the show with a refreshing feminine touch but be warned; these beauties are super competitive and Beasts out on the water or in the scrub.Join the Savage Seas Adventures Community and keep up with the crew's latest exploits.

Charlie Micallef

The Captain of our motley crew

Inspired by his mentor, Rex Hunt, Charlie launched Savage Seas Adventures in 2000 as a multi-media assault upon established media channels. An accomplished diver and astute fisherman, Charlie has extensive professional expertise in fishing and lifestyle media, contributing to various publications and providing content on myriad platforms.

Charlie’s work in Pro Angling eventually led to a desire to extend his reach embracing television and the internet to compliment his editorial and print efforts. Charle's aim has always been to provide truthful, pertinent and useful audio and visual information for the Australian outdoor lifestyle enthusiast. his dry wit and disarming charm ensures a high level of engagement and his hands-on production ensures he delivers a quality product to his audience. 

Savage Seas Adventures is also a popular charter and guide service allowing customers to experience their very own Savage Seas Adventure aboard a customised Jeanneau Merryfisher 795 Sportfisher.


Charlie Bio

Angelo Katsakis

Co-Host and hunting expert

Angelo, or Ange to his mates, boasts an extensive background in hunting, camping and fishing. A commensurate 4WD enthusiast, Ange leads a team of contributors that will expand on the Savage Seas Adventures programming and allow viewers to embrace his passions for all things outdoors .

A successful businessman in his own right, Angelo is relishing the challenges of this medium and offers a diversity of insights whilst entertaining the audience with his wit and humour. Angelo's enthusiasm and easy-going nature makes him incredibly watchable and his breadth of knowledge of hunting and bush skills will enthrall an adventurous audience.

Ange Kats Bio

Shae Holmes

Co-Host and diving expert

Shae has achieved much for someone so young and has many fishing and diving credits that belie her youthful age of 26.

A Free-Diving  and spearfishing specialist, Shae has won the female division of the Victorian Free-Diving championships and also ranked third in the Eden Three-Way competition. 

An expert in catch and release of sharks, Shae has also shared the waters with the majestic Whale shark on one of her many diving adventures. Her emotional connection to the sea and a deep respect for the marine environment, led Shae to join Charlie and the Savage Seas Adventures crew.

Despite being most at home in a wetsuit and flippers, Shae also boasts extensive business and marketing acumen to guide the show to new and ever-expanding markets.

Pete Hilcke

Savage Seas Adventures seafood connoisseur 

Pete Hilcke's obsession with seafood runs deep and occupies most waking moments. A long stint in the Royal Navy fuelled his passion for the ocean and the tasty critters that lived below the waves.

Pete left the Navy to run one of Australia's premier kitchens at the RACV City Club and now goes by the monicker, "the sustainable seafood chef"and hosts the Savage Seas Adventures sister production, "The Australian Seafood Show ."

Renowned for his Private Seafood Dining experiences, Pete shares his respect for quality produce and the best ways to clean, prepare and cook some of the most delicate offerings Mother Nature has to offer.

Shae Holmes Bio
Pete Hilcke Bio

Ash Micallef

Co-host, fishing and Wreck diving expert

Considering the DNA, it's no surprise that Charlie's son, Ash Micallef has inherited the same passion for all things fishing and diving as his dad. An accomplished free-diver, Ash first donned a mask and flippers at the tender age of five and it's been an all-consuming endeavour ever since.

Growing up on the Mornington peninsula has endowed Ash with clear insight into the bay and its varying moods. Ash has also spent extensive time exploring the South East Coast of New South Wales both above and below the waterline.

a naturally gifted photographer, Ash is responsible for much of the captivating underwater footage on the show and also brings a youthful edge to the Savage Seas Adventures team.



Ash Bio

Jo Howes

Fishing and Hunting Personality

a keen sport-fisher and hunter, Jo Howes brings a glamorous edge to the Savage Seas Adventures team. a keen exponent of native and trout fishing, Jo has recently succumbed to the lure of the salt and the myriad of new species on offer.

blessed with a passion for the environment  and love of the outdoors, jo relishes every opportunity to extend her fishing and hunting prowess and generously shares her experience and hard-earned knowledge.

A practising health and weight-loss professional, Jo embodies her philosophy that a healthy outdoor life-style including fishing and hunting promotes physical and mental well-being.

Currently working in regional television, jo has extensive on-camera and behind-the-scenes experience in producing engaging content that resonates with all boating families.

Daniel Lazarevski

Record breaker and big fish taker

The most recent additions to the Savage Seas Adventures crew are the father and son team of Nick and daniel Lazarevski.

At age 11 Young Daniel's fishing accomplishments would be the envy of many an old salt. cutting his teeth on bread and butter species such as whiting and snapper at the tender age of four, Daniel quickly honed his skills and now plies the oceans in search of larger prey.

To date, Daniel has two pending Small Fry Game Fishing records to his credit: one for his capture of a 116.4kg  Southern Bluefin tuna and the other for  a large Seven Gill shark.

In addition to these meritorious captures, the young gun also has numerous Marlin, kingfish and other game species to his credit. Daniel and his Dad, Nick bring a refreshing family dynamic to fishing TV. Daniel's also a handy soccer player to boot...must be the DNA.

Jo Howes Bio
Daniel Lazarevski Bio

Richard Abela

Blue Water Swordfishing freak

Richard Abela is an unassuming legend in the sport of game fishing helping pioneer many locations and techniques now adopted by the broader game fishing fraternity. Marlin is Richard's passion, but the mighty and elusive Broadbill Swordfish is his real obsession.

Hailing from Victoria's rugged West Coast, Richie spent his formative fishing years learning the ropes while fishing the  rocks and jetties with his mum and Dad. At 17, he landed his first Marlin  out of Bermagui sparking an insatiable passion for Bluewater angling which culminated in his career as a professional skipper and sport fishing journo.

as a scribe, Richard documents his fishing exploits and shares them with avid anglers via the pages of Bluewater magazine and now, Savage Seas Adventures TV. We're thrilled to have an angler with such dedication and hard-earned experience on our team.

Richard Abela Bio

Nick Lazarevski

Kicking goals on and off the water

The most recent additions to the Savage Seas Adventures crew are the father and son team of Nick and Daniel Lazarevski.

An international soccer play who has also represented Australia in  World Cup competition, Nick now prefers to kick his goals behind the cockpit of his customised sport fisher. Southern Bluefin tuna and Marlin are the primary targets but Nick will happily target anything with fins.

along with fellow Savage Seas Adventures' contributor, Richard Abela, Nick is helping to pioneer the Victorian game fishing scene. They've inspired many anglers to  prospect new or previously unexplored regions  in search of revered game species, particularly Marlin and the elusive Broadbill Swordfish.

Nick counts recent double-figure Marlin days and his son Daniel's pending 116.4kg small fry capture as his finest moments.

Jay Furniss

All-round travelling fish junkie

Jay Furniss is an extreme sports enthusiast with a lust to challenge himself regardless of the environment. From snow sports to hunting, fishing to diving, if there is a thrill to be had, Jay will chase it.

An avid photographer and serial contributor to various publications, if he's not reeling it in or hunting it down, Jay can be found writing about his exploits or sharing it via social media.

Widely travelled, Jay, counts Vanuatu, Malaysia and Canada amongst his favourite destinations although the local waters still hold a special place for him. A natural clown, Jay's infectious personality bubbles on screen and off.

By  day, Jay pays the bills by masquerading as a real estate agent, although his fishing alter-ego is never far away.


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